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Be aware of the Halloween bonus on Greenspin!! Go check it out and enjoy.

The Legend of the Jack ’O Lantern goes around at GreenSpin every spooky season - and for good reason. It’s the tale of a gambler who missed out on GreenSpin’s epic promos, and went on to become a shadow of his former self.

The Legend of the Jack ‘O Lantern is a terrifying tale of a gambler’s journey into the depths of the casino world. Dave was just a regular gambler, who loved to spend his free time playing his favorite games at GreenSpin casino. He took advantage of all of the epic bonus treats that came his way, until one day things went wrong.

You see, Dave forgot to check what promos were happening at GreenSpin and failed to use his bonuses. So distraught about missing out, Dave sat in his chair day in and day out, eventually turning into the feared Gambling Jack ‘O Lantern.

Don’t be like Dave. Head to GreenSpin to get your Halloween season started off on the right foot.

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