APlay Casino - Failed to close my account permanently when asked

Hi - I would like some help and to make a complaint about A Play casino.

I am looking to see about getting money refunded to me that I deposited on their site since the 10th of July. The amount is 1929 euro.

On the 10th of July I requested for my account to be permanently closed with no chance of reopening. This was done by chat support - I don't have any screenshots of this conversation and the casino said that they were unable to send them to me - I do however have screenshots of conversations Ive had after with different advisors which I have attached to the complaint and where they confirm I did request this to happen. The chat advisor I spoke to decided to only close my account for 7 days and then after the 7 days I didn't even need to request for this to be opened again - it was just automatically opened and I was able to log in and play.

The first chat advisor I spoke to did not ask me if I had any gambling problems - they just didn't close my account as requested. In the terms and conditions it states that a player is able to request account closure at any time. I feel this should have been upheld on their side. I have tried to talk to the casino and they have told me that they won't refund the money back to me so I was hoping you could please help with this. The second advisor I spoke to early this morning - also did not proceed to close my account and left it open - it was only the third advisor that actually closed my account when requested. I have uploaded some documentation to the complaint. I have further correspondence also where someone has contacted me by email to tell me that they won't help if you also need this. Thanks for your help and support. I have also added some screenshots of their own terms and conditions and nowhere does it state i can only get my account closed for 7 days in which they are saying.

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